Meet Team DRC-Hubo@UNLV

Team DRC-Hubo@UNLV is an international and multicultural group of researchers, professional partners, and students, both graduate and undergraduate. Each team member specializes in a specific area, such as robot hardware, software, networking and communications. This allows each person to bring their personal expertise to enhance the project.

Professor Paul Oh
Team Lead


Team DRC-Hubo@UNLV is led by Professor Paul Oh from the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Oh is the Lincy Professor for Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Director of the Drones and Autonomous Systems Lab at UNLV, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

He holds a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering (Honors) from McGill University, Canada; a master of science degree in mechanical engineering from Seoul National University, Korea; and a doctoral degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University.

Jon Daniels
President, Praxis Aerospace Concepts International (PACI)

Jon Daniels is an adjunct instructor who is has been instrumental in forming the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering minor and certificate program in Unmanned Aircraft. He is the President of Praxis Aerospace Concepts International (PACI), a service-disabled veteran-owned small business based in Southern Nevada.  He also is a key member of the DRC-HUBO @ UNLV team.

Daniels is a performance–driven professional unmanned systems (UxS) innovator, consultant, professor and research analyst with proven success in spearheading system design initiatives and operations processes, programs, and strategies within complex and high-stress multi-national environments.

Using a mix of proprietary technology, unique team domain expertise, and unique partnerships, PACI develops practical solutions for multi-modal (ground-air-sea-industrial) robotics and unmanned systems (UxS) that benefit from experience and “best practices”.

PACI provides subject matter experts to the DRC-HUBO@UNLV Team in distributed network systems, cloud computing, human factors/engineering psychology, technical management and operational test and evaluation.

Kookmin University
Korean Partners


Team DRC-Hubo@UNLV is in partnership with researchers at Kookmin University in Seoul, South Korea, making this a truly international effort in robotics. Dr. Cho, Juseong Shin, and Donghyan Ahn have contributed to the success of the robot and the team. More information about Kookmin University can be found here.




UNLV is looking for key sponsors to join us in supporting this incredible effort.