Team Member Spotlight: Paresh Brahmbhatt


Comic books, anime, video games, and science fiction novels by Isaac Asimov are some of many things that motivated young Paresh Brahmbhatt, Chief of Support Unit for DRC-Hubo team, to earn his Ph.D in engineering and work on humanoids.

Creating and working on technology to aid humans is his ultimate goal, accompanied with his childhood dreams and ambitions to visit space and be able to live on a different planet.

“I’ve always thought it’d be cool to go to a different planet and build a place to live, so instead of me doing the work, I can send robots.”

He tries to enjoy this planet before humans are able to live somewhere else. Brahmbhatt enjoys snowboarding every year, and visits a new state to snowboard every winter.

Working on Hubo, he realized that any robot would not be perfect unless its creator realizes that it does not need to replicate the image of humans, and having an anthropomorphic robot conflicts with its main purpose.

“Humanoids should not serve as an egocentric idea, it is here to help and should look like it can do more than us.” Brahmbhatt said.

He added that people misunderstanding robots- is expected, however, he encourages people to read more about the technology and learn the pros and cons before judging and fearing them.

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