Team Member Spotlight: Giho Jang

 From programing games, to the DRC Robotics Challenge, Giho Jang made a career shift as soon as he knew he wanted to help people and make a difference.

Jang is the software and interface engineer for team DRC-Hubo @UNLV and a UNLV postgraduate researcher.

Jang participated with the team during a test run earlier this year in South Carolina, and he decided he would like to stay and learn more from professor Paul Oh.

“I respect him a lot, he has a different vision and I want to learn from him and see this vision.” Jang said.

Jang describes himself as a hard worker who strives toward large goals and is works toward improvements in the world of robotics. However, he is never too busy to enjoy his hobby, which is cooking traditional Korean food. During the South Carolina test runs, he cooked for everyone on the team. It satisfies him when he sees someone enjoying what he cooked, he said.

“My dream was to be a cook and my goal was to stay home while my wife makes money.” Jang said. “But my love for robotics changed that vision.”

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