Team Member Spotlight: Baek-Kyu Cho

Chasing his dreams, Baek-Kyu Cho, an Assistant Professor at Kookmin University, traveled with two graduate students from Seoul, to join DRC-Hubo@UND70293_069LV and share their effort and expertise with the team in the challenge.

“I really wanted to be part of the DRC, and finally got the chance after contacting professor Oh.” Cho said.

Just like many kids, he used to watch animated cartoons with robots. But at the time, his dreams were to become a lawyer, a public officer or the president. However, it wasn’t until after middle school he realized engineering was his main passion. And since then, he has been chasing his dreams to add to the field of robotics.

“For me, DRC is like the World Cup or the Olympics. I really enjoy watching it, and I’m really excited to participate in it.” Cho said.

Cho also will bring his two daughters from Korea to attend the DARPA challenge.

“I like to spend time with my two daughters and wife, even if my job is hard, family time is very important.” Cho said.

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