UNLV Engineering Team One of 25 Selected to Participate in Worldwide Robotics Challenge

News Release Media Contact: Megan Downs, Director of Communications, College of Engineering (702) 895-3965 A team of UNLV researchers and students will compete in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, (DARPA) Challenge Finals, an elite competition of robots and their human supervisors to be held on June 5-6, 2015 at Fariplex in Pomona, Calif. UNLV was one of just 25 teams worldwide announced as finalists today by DARPA. In the demonstration event, robots will be tested on capabilities that could enable them to assist first responders during future natural and man-made disasters. UNLV will compete against teams from institutions such as Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Virginia Tech, Lockheed Martin; as well as countries such as Hong Kong, China, Italy, Germany and Japan. UNLV’s team, DRC-HUBO @UNLV, is led by Paul Oh, Lincy Professor for Unmanned Aerial Systems at UNLV. Oh, who is part of the mechanical engineering department in the Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering, is an internationally renowned expert in robotic and autonomous systems with more than 20 years in the field. Oh leads UNLV’s team of post graduate researchers, industry partners, as well as graduate and undergraduate students. “The scope of work that a robot must execute for the DRC is unprecedented,” Oh said. “It is an honor for us at UNLV to be counted among the top roboticists in the world who get to pursue this noble endeavor.” To qualify for the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) finals, the UNLV team had to prove its robot is able to engage an emergency shut-off switch, get up from a prone position, traverse 10 meters without falling, pass over... read more

Game of Drones (High Country News)

High Country News examines  the work being done in drone technology at UNLV and at Skyworks in Henderson, as well as the current legal status of drone use in Southern Nevada. Read the story... read more

Press Release — College of Engineering Hires Renowned UAS Expert Paul Oh

Oh will create unmanned autonomous systems lab, head DARPA robotics challenge. The UNLV Howard R. Hughes College of Engineering is pleased to announce the hiring of Paul Oh, an internationally renowned expert in unmanned autonomous systems research with more than 20 years of experience in the robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles industry. Oh joined UNLV in August as the Lincy Professor of Unmanned Aerial Systems for the College of Engineering. He will establish a UAS lab with a humanoid robots and a fleet of drones and brings with him over $1 million in grant research. He joins UNLV from Drexel University in Philadelphia. “This is one of the best hires the College of Engineering has ever made,” said Rama Venkat, dean of the College of Engineering. “With the addition of Professor Oh, this sets the stage for UNLV to become an international leader in discovering the most updated applications for autonomous systems.” Oh said he was inspired to join UNLV because of the university’s commitment to statewide economic diversification and desire to nurture the young UAS industry. Less than one year ago Nevada received the FAA designation to become a testing location for UAS. UNLV strives to become an intellectual and research hub for the burgeoning industry. “The College of Engineering has been engaged in over a decade of unmanned aerial vehicles research and we are well positioned to see this field really blossom,” Oh said. “It’s exciting to be front row and center and see how state and private industry is committed to this vision for the region and nation.” Oh is a former program director for robotics... read more




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